Two current family law trends

Communities throughout the world are going through changes. Just one year ago, we were out and about socializing, going to work, meeting friends at restaurants and carting kids around to extracurricular activities. Today, we are doing our best to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. We are meeting our work counterparts in online meetings, ordering food to eat at home instead of enjoying the ambiance of a restaurant and we are encouraging kids to play in the yard with siblings or neighbors instead of in large tournaments with friends from other communities.

These changes have also impacted the workings of family law matters. Three examples include:

Trend #1: Increased divorce rates.

Although data is not currently available for divorce rates in the United States, it is likely these rates will increase. China, who began dealing with the coronavirus pandemic before the U.S., has data showing increased divorce rates due to the coronavirus. The stress that comes with stay at home and quarantine orders along with financial pressure from loss of employment or cut hours can magnify preexisting problems, potentially increasing the likelihood of divorce.

Trend #2: Custody and visitation issues.

These orders have also impacted child custody arrangements. Is it violating a stay at home or quarantine order to take kids to see their other parent? These are not easy questions to navigate. Parents can help to better ensure they get their time with children by keeping track of any changes. Keep records of missed dates. You can likely request make up time in the future.

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Author: On behalf of Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law

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