The Patchwork Pandemic Continues As New States Approach A ‘Danger Point’

First New York, then the Sun Belt. Now, new states like Illinois and Mississippi are urging residents to wear masks and take the virus more seriously.

Bars remain one of the most dangerous places to be during the pandemic. Reporter Will Stone explains why, from Seattle.

While Michigan and New York saw similar spikes in cases near the beginning of the pandemic, New York has flattened the curve. Michigan hasn’t. Reporters Kate Wells and Fred Mogul discuss what lessons can be learned from the disparity.

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Americans Want To Go Back To Normal, But ‘Normal’ Is What Got Us Here

After rising for weeks, the rate of daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has started to level off. But now, just as we saw in the spring, the country is facing a spike in deaths.

In the new issue of The Atlantic, two stories share the cover. One, by Ed Yong, is about the pandemic. The other, by Ibram Kendi, is about racism in America. Both ask the same question: how did it come to this?

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The Virus Is Out Of Control, And Kids Are Headed Back To School Anyway

Millions of students are getting ready to head back to school. Some already have. NPR’s Anya Kamentez reports on what happens when positive cases crop up — as they inevitably will.

School nurses understand the challenges of returning to school safely better than just about anyone. But NPR’s Clare Lombardo reports somenurses have no input in the process.

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Slow Mail, Misinformation, And The Pandemic: What Could Go Wrong On Election Day 2020

Rosa Brooks, law professor at Georgetown University, recently helped organize an experiment to game out what might happen if the winner on election night isn’t immediately clear. She explains what she found.

And NPR’s Sally Herships reports on cuts at the postal service — and concerns they’re politically motivated.

Garrett Graff wrote about how election day could go off the rails for Politico Magazine.

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