From Clergy to Veterans, Volunteers Rally To Fight Voter Intimidation

On Friday, federal authorities issued an internal bulletin that warned of the potential for violence from domestic extremists during the midterm election season.

The same day, a federal Judge in Phoenix refused to stop a group from patrolling outdoor ballot boxes. Members of the group have been showing up heavily armed, often masked and wearing tactical vests. Critics say this is intimidating voters. The judge said that barring the group would violate their constitutional rights.

From election deniers who continue to insist without evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, to a flood of recent state laws that make voting more difficult, for many Americans, voting feels much more fraught. But volunteers are stepping up across the country to make sure that all voters feel safe casting their ballot.

Host Michel Martin talks to the Reverend Barbara Williams-Skinner of Faiths United to Save Democracy and TurnOut Sunday and Emily Eby, Senior Election Protection Attorney at Texas Civil Rights Project.