Are you among those in Texas who are contemplating divorce?

When you got married in a Texas courthouse or church, you no doubt assumed you were going to spend the rest of your life with the person at your side. Fast forward 10, 20 or more years and things may not have turned out the way you’d hoped. Marriage can be difficult, and while some spouses are able to resolve their differences, others choose to go their separate ways rather than remain in an unhappy relationship.

If you have children, making a decision to divorce will greatly affect their lives. However, most family court judges in Texas believe that children fare best in such situations if they have an opportunity to spend ample time with both parents. Many parents find they have certain issues in common when they determine whether they can restore their marital relationships or are choosing to file for divorce.

Do you relate to these issues?

Your marriage and family life is unique; however, you may be able to relate to the issues included in the following list, which many spouses say were causal factors toward their own divorce:

  • Constant bickering and arguing reportedly weakens many marital relationships to the point that spouses would rather sever their ties than keep living in an atmosphere full of confrontation.
  • Do you feel that your spouse lacks commitment to your relationship? This is also a common factor that prompts people to file for divorce.
  • It’s a fact that marital infidelity can permanently damage spousal relationships. This remains as one of the top causes of divorce in Texas and across the country.
  • Have financial problems or arguments over money caused a rift between you and your spouse? Many spouses say they’d rather live alone than fight over every penny.
  • Lack of preparation for marriage is another big concern for many spouses who are contemplating divorce. If you feel like you had no idea what to expect in marriage or that you did not receive the advice or guidance you may have needed, this issue might be causing problems in your relationship.
  • Religious differences are also common factors in many divorces. You might not have thought it was a big deal that you and your intended spouse practiced different faiths, but you later realized it was causing more problems in your relationship than you thought it might.
  • If you and your spouse are always at odds on child-related issues, you can likely relate to other parents who say this was a leading factor in their divorce.

The good news is that children are adaptable and resilient by nature. If you are headed for divorce, it pays to build a strong support network from the start. It’s less important what types of issues have led to your divorce than gathering the tools you need to help your kids cope with the situation and move on in life.

Take one step at a time

Many of the issues mentioned earlier can cause obstacles or delays toward achieving a fair and agreeable settlement. It’s critical that you know your parental rights and how to protect them. Like all good parents, you want what’s best for your children, so it’s equally important to make sure their best interests are the central focus of all proceedings.

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Author: On behalf of Katie L. Lewis of Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law

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