A Drug Could Speed Up Recovery; The Economy Declines

Results from a trial involving more than a thousand hospital patients showed the drug Remdesivir could speed up recovery from COVID-19 and possibly also reduce deaths.

Wednesday morning’s first quarter gross domestic product report shows that the economy shrank last quarter at a rate not seen since the fall of 2008.

New findings suggest a link between COVID-19 and life-threatening blood clots that cause strokes in all age groups.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts talks about how his state is trying to lead the charge in contact tracing, and how leadership during a pandemic is uniquely challenging.

Plus, in New Orleans, Brass-a-Holics bandleader Winston “Trombone” Turner wanted to honor the deceased of COVID-19 like they would have been ordinarily — with music. So, he picked up his horn and called a few friends to record a performance of “I’ll Fly Away,” a celebratory song played at almost every traditional New Orleans funeral.

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