RSS Made Easy

There are lots of blawgs that discuss blawging and RSS feeds and such. I decided I wouldn’t do too much of that. I will just say that I believe RSS feeds are changing the way we get our “hot” information…

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Author: Jim Calloway

RSS and Bar Association Services

This week is the ABA Midyear meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be attending to, among other things, participate in the National Association of Bar Executives meetings. It’s a great place to get ideas to better serve our…

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Author: Jim Calloway

RSS and Government Agencies

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland decided to use a blog as an easy way to post press releases to the Web and do an RSS newsfeed at the same time. So if you did a lot of federal criminal…

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Author: Jim Calloway

Tools for Podcasting, Blogging and RSS

I stumbled across Mashable last night looking for something. Mashable is a news blog about online social networking trends. (How’s that for focused content?) The site does have some really nice resource collections and one article that I wanted to…

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Author: Jim Calloway

In re Marriage of T.C. and D.C.

(California Court of Appeal) – Reversed and remanded a spousal support order, in a case where a wife sought to reduce her support payments to her former husband. Held that the trial court failed to consider the parties’ reasonable expectations as expressed in their dissolution agreement.

In re Cody R.

(California Court of Appeal) – Dismissed a mother’s appeal from an order terminating parental rights to her son. Also denied her petition for writ of habeas corpus, concluding that a habeas petition may be filed in dependency cases only in limited circumstances not present here.

Marriage of Martindale and Ochoa

(California Court of Appeal) – Affirmed the denial of a request to renew a three-year domestic violence prevention restraining order. A woman had obtained the restraining order against her former husband.

W.M. v. V.A.

(California Court of Appeal) – Held that a California superior court had jurisdiction over a child custody proceeding, in a case raising questions under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The mother had previously initiated a child custody proceeding in her home country of Belarus.

In re Marriage of Vaughn

(California Court of Appeal) – In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, held that when the nature of a debt is such that its discharge will directly and adversely impact the finances of the debtor’s spouse or former spouse, it is nondischargeable in bankruptcy, even if it is not directly payable to the spouse. Affirmed the district court.

The first five steps towards getting a divorce

The beginning of January sparks a surge in divorce enquiries so we decided to ask our specialist divorce lawyers, what steps you need to take first if you have decided to get a divorce or separate after a long-term relationship.

The top 5 are below.

Take a step back

First, take a step. Is the marriage irreparable? Have you tried couple counselling? Christmas is a mix of happiness and tension so if emotions have run away over the festive season make sure you take stock and think through your decision. It will affect the rest of your life.

Find your marriage certificate

If you decide  that divorce is the right thing for you then the first step is to find your marriage certificate. You will need this to start divorce proceedings. And it cannot be a photocopy. Don’t panic if you cannot find it. You can order a replacement online here.

Prioritise the children

Put the children first and be mindful of them in every decision you make. Even though the relationship has broken down you will still need to co-parent and work with your partner. This will be so much easier if where possible, you are amicable. Try to not lose sight of this if tensions flare.

Get your finances in order

To work out an equal split of finances and assets you need to have a clear picture of the marital pot. Make a list of assets, liabilities and income (earnings, property values, mortgage, loans, credit and store cards, savings and pensions) as best you and gather together all the relevant paperwork.

You will need all of this information to complete Form E, which requires you to set out a full financial disclosure of all assets and financial resources so it is worth pulling it together now.

Consult a divorce lawyer

Every case is different, so the best advice is to get professional legal advice as soon as you can. It is important that you make the call and make an appointment.

Planning for your meeting will help you feel prepared for that first meeting. You will feel anxious but having a clear idea about what information you need and questions to ask will help you feel more in control.

Think about your journey times, where to park etc so you are not rushing. We always recommend that you do not bring your children. Any paperwork that you can gather and take with you is helpful and will help the case to progress quickly. The work that you undertook in step 4 will ensure you are ahead of the process in your first meeting.

Divorce is never easy and there is no magic solution so make sure you get the support that you need. Counselling and divorce coaching are both great tools to help you manage the anxiety and stress it can cause. Be mindful of your needs and the children’s needs and where possible, prepare and plan. Compromise also goes a long way.

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