Client Portal

What is the “client portal” and why did I get an email invitation to join? When you first retain us, we send you an email with instructions for sign up to the client portal.  Part of the legal software we use, called MyCase, allows us to share privately with our clients selected documents, messages and invoices in a safe secure online environment.  It works both ways, it also allows you to share documents, messages and payments with us. You can always send us an email as many find easier to do.  Most of our clients use it for upcoming calendared dates, for example, court appearances, depositions, mediation dates, etc.  We will still send reminders before any meetings or Court appearances.  The client portal is just an added convenience for you to log in and double check information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our client portal is secure and encrypted. Only you have access and must set up your own password for access.  We do not upload all the documents in your case nor do we use it as a primary means of communication.  It is an online convenience but not a substitute to our promise of good personal service.   We hope it saves you time and a phone call.   We really do want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your experience with the legal system.

We use MyCase to calendar Court dates, to track your billable time, for making a task list, to send you bills and to allow you access to certain documents in your office legal file.  Most of the time only upcoming Court dates and invoices are all that will appear in your portal.  Even though you receive an invoice via email with instructions and payment links, the secured MyCase portal provides an easy convenient way to track your bills and payments with us.  Of course you can always call and discuss matters with us at anytime if that is more convenient.  The billing system is really simple to read and understand, but most importantly, it conveniently contains a payment link to make payments on your bill.  Simply click on it and you are taken to a secure website that can safely store your information and send you a receipt and update your bill.  Click Here for more info on MyCase payments.

Client Dashboard

The first screen shot shows the Client Dashboard. It’s what you first see when you login to your MyCase account. Let’s take a look at the 4 basic elements of this page…

1. Navigation Tabs & Notification Bubbles – You have access to 6 sections: Home, Calendar, Documents, Billing, Messages, and Comments. In the screen shot , notice the red bubbles over the Calendar, Billing, and Messaging tab. This lets you know you have new calendar events, invoices, and messages waiting for you. Anytime a new item is shared with the you, a red notification bubble will appear for you.

2. Recent Activity – You get your own Recent Activity stream that gives updates related to your case that our Law Office is sharing with you.

3. Upload Document, Send Message & Pay Invoice –These are the main actions that you can perform in MyCase. Upload Documents lets you choose a file from your hard drive and upload it into MyCase. Our Law Office will be notified when you upload a new document for our review. Send Messages lets you write a new secure message and send it to Heckler Law Office anytime: day or night. This allows you to have communications with your attorney even when she is out of the office. Finally, you can pay your invoices through your MyCase Client Portal using a credit or debit card as stated above.

4. Calendar & Recently Uploaded Documents –The calendar box will show you what upcoming events and deadlines are soon. The documents box will show you the most recently uploaded documents that have been shared with you.


Clients Can Upload Documents

You no longer have to use unsecured email or slow traditional mail to send your documents. You can upload documents right into MyCase from your Client Portal. When you click the Upload Document button, you will be taken to the Add Document Window. This is where you can describe any details or notes that you’d like to include with the document.

When you upload a document, all firm users associated with your linked case will be notified that a client has uploaded a new document.

Clients Can Send Secure Messages

Instead of emailing (which is unsecured and not recommended for sensitive communications) or calling the firm, you can send secure messages from MyCase. This is a great option for connecting with your attorney because she can usually respond to a message even when she is at court or otherwise out of the office, thus avoiding the dreaded “phone tag.”. When you click the Send Message button, you’ll be taken to the New Message window. When you send a message, everyone that was checked in the Send To field will receive a notification that a client has sent them a new message.

Clients Can View Invoices and Make Payments 

Tracking your case expenses and fees just got a whole lot easier! Many attorneys make the mistake of not sending clients the bill for expenses and services until the end of the representation. This is very frustrating to clients who did not anticipate a huge bill and who were not aware of how much their case was costing. Through MyCase our Law Office will provide you with regular invoices so you can monitor the cost of your case. Plus, you can easily pay invoices online with a credit or debit card.